Terms and Conditions

These Terms and Conditions (the “agreement”) govern the Services provided by End of Lease Melbourne (“Us”, “We” or “Service Providers”) to the user of our Services (“You” or “Client”). By using our website and requesting our services, you are hereby bound by these Terms and Conditions.  


The scope of services that Service Provider may provide to Client shall be discussed and mutually decided by both parties. The exact kind of service, total fees to be paid, the address of Property to be serviced, Date and time of performance of services etc. will be discussed with Client on the phone and confirmed by Email. Any changes to the pre-decided arrangement must be approved by both parties via Email. No changes to the pre-decided arrangement shall be made on the day of performance of services. Notwithstanding, the fees quoted on the confirmation Email is just an estimate based on information provided by the Client and is subject to change if the information provided by the Client is not accurate, in such cases, Client is liable to pay the revised fee as prepared by the Service Provider on the day of performance of services.

Service Provider may refuse service to the Properties which are deemed unsafe in the opinion of Service Provider, in such cases Client shall be liable to pay visitation fee as calculated by the Service Provider in order to compensate time and resources spent by Service Provider. The cleaning staff of Service Provider shall not employ unsafe techniques to reach difficult areas even after a request by Client. Service Provider may refuse to provide services if the Client interrupts the effective performance of services. The client must not request the cleaning staff to clean faeces or to take care of personal belongings, children or pets.


Service Provider will provide cleaning services to the Client during the mutually decided time period at the Property owned, leased or rented out by the Client. The client must inform the address of the Property to be serviced clearly to the Service Provider. 


Payment is due on the day of each scheduled service or as mutually agreed with the client and mentioned on the invoice. The client must make the full payment of the pre-decided amount on the completion of the services. Acceptable methods of payment are cash, bank deposit, or credit card (3% surcharge applicable).  If the client fails to make the payment on the completion of the service late fee of $80 applies unless agreed in writing between the service provider and the client of the payment arrangement. 

Service Provider have a right to request 50% of the total cost paid as an upfront deposit if the Client.

If the cleaning staff has to wait at your Property even after the pre-decided appointment time, due to your fault, an additional waiting charge of 60$  per hour shall apply. 

4. Adding Interest on Overdue Accounts

Overdue accounts ( more than 2 weeks ) will be subject to penalty interest at the rate of 10% per week, calculated for the period the account is due until the date it is paid.

5. Adding Collection Costs

In the event where your overdue account is referred to a collection agency and/or law firm, you will be liable for all costs which would be incurred as if the debt is collected in full, including commission on the collection of the additional costs and also including legal demand costs.


Service Provider will use its own products, equipment, and supplies. If the Client requires Service Provider to use specialised products an additional fee may be assessed. The service provider shall use industry standard products, equipment, and supplies. The service provider shall not be responsible if the products, equipment or supplies have any unpredictable effect on Client’s Property.


End of Lease Melbourne is not responsible to pick the property keys from the real estate agents or return the keys back to the agent. It is solely the clients responsibility. If the clients request for the keys to be dropped / courier, the client will bear the cost. 


Service Provider may, within seven (7) days of completion of Services, provide up to one free cleaning at its discretion. If the Client is not satisfied with the Services provided by the Service Provider, Client must file a complaint within 24 hours after the completion of service and a written letter of demand within 72 hours from making the complaint. The service guarantee is only valid under the following conditions being met:

  • No building or maintenance work has been carried out at the property during or after the cleaning has been finished including but not limited to; renovation work, flooring replacement/repair, painting and decorating, plumbing or electrical work and other such similar services.

  • The property is vacant on the day of cleaning and continues being vacant afterwards with no person(s) or animal(s) remaining there;

  • The property has not been left open or unlocked, unattended or has had a security breach and had unwanted patrons enter after the cleaning service;

  • The property has not been damaged in any way, be this from weather conditions or other such acts of nature, accidents by an external party or the client or animals left in the property during or after the cleaning.

  • For all one-off cleans, the client must inspect the property before the cleaner leaves at the end of the service. The Client must address any issues directly with the cleaner prior to the cleaner leaving. We will not accept responsibility for any issues that arise after the cleaner has left the property.

8. Refund Policy

If a Service Provider fails to attend the Client’s Property within 4 hours of the scheduled Service Time or does not provide the requested Service, Service Provider will provide the Client with either:

  • A full refund of payments made by the Client; or

  • Offer to reschedule the Service at another time mutually agreed between the Client and, Service Provider.

We do not give refunds for any service which we have performed and completed. If the Client is not satisfied with the services, the client can avail 2 hour of free ( equivalent to $80) remedial cleaning services. The timing of free remedial cleaning services shall be decided mutually by taking into consideration the working schedule and period of Service Provider. Provision of free remedial cleaning service is on the discretion of Service Provider after carefully analysing the complaint of Client.   

Free remedial cleaning service shall not be provided if:

  • Client request any service which is specifically prohibited or denied in this Agreement.

  • Client fails to a complaint regarding the services within 24 hours from the completion of services.

  • The effect of cleaning services has been nullified due to the negligence of the Client.


Service Provider at its own discretion may provide bond back guarantee, however, this bond back guarantee may not be provided in certain cases. Service Provider may consider bond back guarantee request within 7 days of completion of service.  If the client fails to inform the service provider about any cleaning issues after the clean within 24 hours, and performs the cleaning on its own, or hires another cleaning company to do so. The service provider has the right to disregard all cleaning claims by the client hereafter and also disregard all refund claims made by the client.  Customers or their real estate agents or landlords, must provide pictures of any issue(s) reported via email. 

End of Lease do not guarantee removal of any spots / stains / marks from the wall, which may have been caused due to the poor maintenance by the client. 


Service Provider at its own discretion may provide 7 day free cleaning within the completion of the service / cleaning job, however, the service provider will not guarantee any bond bond back guarantee, if the client has pass the 7 day free cleaning time and an extra charge. A re-clean will only address the problems listed in the the property manager / agents report. If the agent fails to mention all the outstanding items in the first report, the client is not eligible for a second free – re-clean . A fee will apply for a second re-clean. 


The client will provide Service Provider access to the Property and to all areas of the Property scheduled to be cleaned as noted under Scope of Service, at the scheduled upon a time. Failure to do so allows Service Provider to treat the failure as a material breach and cancel the contractor to seek legal remedies. The client must ensure that the Property has power and running hot water otherwise an additional fee may be assessed. The client must ensure that there is appropriate parking space available for vehicles of Service Provider.


In the event Client needs to cancel a scheduled clean, 3 days’ notice is required. Notice must be given email. Should the Client fail to give 3 days’ notice on more than one occasion, the Client must pay 50% of the fee for the cancelled cleaning.

In the event the client cancels the job on the scheduled day of the clean ( of no fault of the service provider ), or a no show from the client, the Service provide will charge 50% of the agreed fee from the client. If the client fails to clear the payment, legal actions will be taken by the service provider.

In the event Service Provider needs to cancel a scheduled cleaning appointment twenty-four (24) hour notice will be given to Client. If Service Provider fails to give twenty-four (24) hour notice, Client will receive one (1) free cleaning.

The Service Provider may reduce the time of each appointment by employing more cleaning staff so as to keep the total man-hours equal to the original time of appointment.


  • Scuff Marks: We do not scrub scruff marks from doors, skirting boards, walls and other timber surfaces as the painted surface can be damaged by doing so.
  • Dirty greasy blinds may need to be cleaned by Professional Blind Cleaning Company. We do dusting only.

  • Light fittings are only dusted. The service provider does not remove light fittings. If  the client wish to clean the light fittings, the client will need to remove them  and the client will need to install. 

  • If steel fixtures in the property are too old/scratched/too-mouldy then we can be limited with the cleaning and polishing of these fixtures only.

  • Window tracks or Exterior sliding door tracks: Separate quote will be provided to clean these, as they are usually very grubby and requires a lot of time to clean.

  • No Outdoor Cleaning: We don’t do any outdoor cleaning be it a driveway, exterior walls or any other outdoor area.

  • Mould: We only clean the mould in showers or bath, but can be limited with mould cleaning if mould has penetrated into the silicon ( the service provider will not remove the silicon or install new silicon for mould removal). A separate quote will be given for wiping mould in ceilings, walls etc. We do not specialise in mould removal; you may have to seek professional advice if the house is too mouldy. 

  • Outside window cleaning is not included in our Vacate Cleaning services. We charge $15 per standard size window about 1mx2m long. We will only clean windows which are accessible with the step ladder using hands. Also, we might skip some windows where fly-screens are hard to remove or hard to put back.

  • Fly Screens: If the client wants to wash the fly screens individually, the service provider will need to be qouted to the clients. The client will need to dismantle the fly screens, for the service provide to wash them and the client will need to install them.

  • Oven Cleaning: The service provide will not dismantle (remove glass etc.) ovens. Only clean what is accessible will be cleaned. If the client wants to clean the oven glass, the client will need to dismantle the glass and install it back after the cleaning.

  • If the oven has not been cleaned on a regular basis then it is not possible to remove all the carbon & grime & achieve 100% cleaning results

  • Stains on Carpet: There is a possibility that some stubborn stains may not be removed while performing carpet & upholstery steam cleaning. Damage can be done to the carpet by the occupier of the property by not cleaning it on a regular basis, so there are limitations with what can be achieved depending on the condition of the carpet.

  • For Venetians blinds / Roller Blinds – if you require them to clean / wipe them, please contact the office for a separate quote as this is not included in our standard end of lease quotes, unless agreed with the service provider and mentioned on the quote provided to the client.

  • Heater louvres are to be wiped down only. If the client wishes to wash them, the client will need to remove them and install them after the wash.

  •  Cleaning Walls inside the cupboard / pantry / cabinets / wardrobe is not included in the standard quote.  A Separate quote will be required for cleaning inside walls.
  •  The washing of walls are not included, otherwise mutually agreed between the client and the service provider and mentioned on the quote in regards to wall washing. Wall washing incurs extra cost, which will need to be a separate quote to the end of lease cleaning.  

 What exactly is Spot cleaning of Wall Mean?

It is hard to say exactly, since  their is no hard definition on it, but generally , a spot cleaning of wall would be when there are only 5 to 6 small areas that need to be cleaned and also takes no more than 10 minutes to clean.  for example, fingerprints, some crayon marks, and maybe some food splatter in the kitchen and one or two areas. The important thing to keep in mind is that a spot cleaning of the walls shouldn’t take more than 10 minutes in total. A spot cleaning is considered as a touch up and not full cleaning of walls. If it takes more than 10 minutes or so to clean all the walls at the property, the client will be entering into wall washing and additional costs will apply.  End of  Lease Melbourne do not guarantee removal of any spots / stains / marks from the wall, which may have been caused due to the poor maintenance by the client. 


 The terms of this agreement will be governed by the laws of Australia and the State of Victoria. The appropriate courts located in Victoria will have exclusive jurisdiction over any case or controversy arising from or relating to this agreement, Service Provider or any services provided by Service Provider. Each Client consents irrevocably to personal jurisdiction in such courts with respect to any matters and waives any defence of forum non-convenience.

15. Termination of Job

  • We, have every right to cancel the cleaning service job once they reach the property if the property is deemed un-appropriate for cleaning or unsafe for the cleaners.
  • If the client shows aggressiveness, We, have every right to decline and walk away from the job.
  • If the client provides in-correct / false information regarding the property and once We, arrive at the property , We, can cancel the job.

16. Damage

Broken/Loose/ Damaged: If during cleaning we come across any windows, cupboards, blinds, light fittings, door handles or anything else, broken/damaged, loose with missing screws or rotten, then we do not take any responsibility if something comes off or falls down when cleaning. It is the client’s duty to advise us prior to the job if there is anything of such nature.

If any damage caused by the service provide, the client will need to take pictures and email the picture within 2 hours of the completion of the job, otherwise the service provider will not take any responsibility. 

17. Personal Belongings

It is the client’s responsibility to make sure no valuable items are left behind in the property when booked for the end of lease service. As service provider will not take any responsibility for any loss, damage or theft of the belongings and no compensation of any sort will be provided. It is the client’s responsibility to inform the service provider prior to the cleaning if any valuable items are left behind, so effective measures are taken. 


The rights and obligations created for Client under this agreement may not be assigned to any other party.


Each party agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the other party and its employees, members, land-lord, successors, and assigns, from any claims, liabilities, losses, damages, and expenses asserted against the other party and arising out of the indemnifying party’s negligence, willful misconduct, and negligent performance of, or failure to perform, any of its duties or obligations under this Agreement. The provisions of this indemnification are solely for the benefit of the parties hereto and not intended to create or grant any rights, contractual or otherwise, to another person or entity.

We do not take any responsibility for discolouration of any aspect, carpet or part of the Property that might appear as imperfect after cleaning. We only use standard cleaning chemicals designed by Australian standards for cleaning and discolouration may be inevitable as the result of poor maintenance by you.

Client shall be responsible to pay for the insurance claim procedure from its own pocket. Service Provider may assist with the understanding of the procedure. Service Provider’s liability under this agreement shall in no case exceed the amount paid by Client exclusive of applicable taxes.


Service Provider and any of its employees or agents shall not be deemed to be in breach of this agreement for any delay or failure in performance caused by reasons out of its reasonable control, including acts of God or a public enemy; natural calamities; failure of a third party to perform; changes in the laws or regulations; actions of any civil, military or regulatory authority; power outage or other disruptions of communication methods or any other cause which would be out of the reasonable control of Service Provider.