After Builders Cleaning Melbourne

 After Builders Cleaning Melbourne

Your search for professional, reliable builders cleaning Melbourne service brought you here so we’ll get right into it.

We’re End of Lease Melbourne and our job is making recently constructed properties spotless. We promise to ensure that after renovation or construction, your house or office shines! Whether you’re handing the building to a new tenant or want to prepare the house for viewing by potential customers, our move in cleaning package is what you need. We will take care of the dust and debris to make sure your property is an immaculate site, free of rubble. See, we have been doing this for 10+ years, so we know how a clean, newly constructed house should look like. 

So, Why End of Lease Melbourne?

Indeed, there are many after builders cleaning Melbourne companies, but we do things differently from the rest.

For starters, we know post construction cleaning is not only tedious but also mind-numbing. Our cleaners are trained and highly experienced to deliver the results you want, every time. 

What Does Our After Renovation Clean Cover?

When you book online with us, we will handle;

  • The Kitchen – Clean benchtops, inside the dishwasher, outside and cupboards, under the sink, etc.
  • Skirts – Clean the entire property top and bottom of the walls.
  • Floors – Vacuum and sweep thoroughly. Mop with eco-friendly products to get rid of dust.
  • Walls – Spot cleaning and dusting the ceilings
  • Fixtures – Removing paint, dust and plaster from light switches, sockets and air conditioners/
  • Doors – Polishing handles, and door frames
  • Bathrooms – Wiping the tiles, walls and mirrors. We’ll also dust everywhere including behind and under the washing machine
  • Living room – Spot cleaning the walls, window sills, ceilings and wiping blinds
  • Rooms – Dust the wardrobes, door rails and wipe all the mirrors from both sides.
  • Carpet and Upholstery – Steam rugs, clean carpets and dust all the furniture.

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    Why Book End of Lease Melbourne

    Any professional builder cleaners worth your attention should offer nothing but the best results – and that’s what we give you.

    Whether it is your business premises, new building or renovation, we’re aware that final touches are essential. It is for this reason that we provide stellar post building cleaning services. On top of that, we’re;

    • Cost-Effective – We charge reasonably. Our rates may vary depending on the extent of cleanup required. Even then, the fees are competitive.
    • Customizable Service – You will not pay for anything your building doesn’t require. When booking, we’ll ask you about the finer details of your project.

    That way, we can forecast the amount of work required and most formulate a rate that’s fair and considerate.

    • 100% Satisfaction – We care about the quality of our services. That’s why regularly train our cleaner to equip them with the skills required to tackle any builder cleaning project to your contentment.

    In other words, we will provide value for your money.

    • Quick Booking Process – We have simplified our online booking procedure. The idea is to make sure that you get your free quote in a few seconds, without delays.

    Hire Expert After Builders Cleaners

    Our experience in the industry plus a team of competent cleaners is the perfect combination you need to turn a building filled with rubble into spotless space.

    The fact that happy clients and property owners have trusted for over a decade means that we are doing something good.

    And you know what? You can experience our services first-hand if you make your booking online today. Trust us to remove all the rubbish, debris, residue or any other sign of construction at the click of a button.

    One more thing – we offer end of lease cleaning Melbourne service with a 100% bond back guarantee. 


    100% Satisfaction Guaranteed Cleaning Service

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    How do you Book Our 100% Bond Back
    Guarantee Service?

    Select the specific service you need. Choose the property type. State the date and time when you’re available.
    Select the particular details of the service that you need – how many bedrooms, bathrooms, hallways, etc.
    Provide your details – Name, location, number of units, etc.
    Make the payment to confirm your booking – we accept local transfers and select debit/credit cards.
    We will dispatch our squad of professional cleaners your way based on the specified date and time of availability

    Call : 03 9016 9578